Useful Links

Dublin City Enterprise Board has information and resources for people setting up small businesses. There are workshops and other resources on all aspects of starting your own business. contains information provided by the Citizens Information Board, and covers topics such as tax, social welfare, keeping records. The information is clear and easy to understand and there are links to other useful sources of information.


Online directories: (Paid directory of holistic diectory of all kinds of therapists)

Irish Health Directory (Free and paid directory of Irish Health professionals) (Free directory of counsellors and therapists)

What Clinic? (Paid international directory of health and health related providers)

Check also for local and national business directories you can join.

DEVELOPING BROCHURES, BUSINESS CARDS AND OTHER PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL will carry out a vast array of tasks, including design and layout, copywriting and more for $5 a time. Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself. See also our blog post All About Business Cards

BANKING AND RAISING FINANCE is a useful guide for small businesses in relation to raising finance.

The accountancy bodies and the banks have a jointly prepared document on creating a business plan available at (Click on E7).

Each of the major banks has information for start-up businesses:



ULSTER BANK: Although aimed at transition year students, this guide is practical and easy to understand

The banks also offer special deals to start up businesses, and although they’re probably aimed more towards larger concerns, it’s worth checking out whether you can avail of their offerings.

BUSINESS NAME REGISTRATION describes when a business name needs to be registered, and how to do it. See also our blog post What’s In A Name?

TAX has information about registering your business for tax purposes, and tells you about registering as an employer.

If you’re lucky enough to make a profit from your practice in the first two years of business, you may be eligible for Start Your Own Business Relief against any income tax.

DON’T KNOW WHERE TO PRACTICE? Read our blogpost before you decide