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Marketing Dilemmas

To practice our therapy skills, there must be someone who has a problem, or a question, or a wondering that we can help. We need clients to practice with.
There are basically two ways in which to find clients:

  1. Someone hires us to see clients that they have available, or
  2. We find them ourselves.

I am aware from talking with practitioners, that marketing is something they find really difficult. And I find it curious that we want to do the work, but don’t want to do the work of finding the work. (There is a simple solution to this by the way – choose option 1, and let someone else find the clients for you!)
Shying away from marketing we demonise one side of a pair, the work is good, but the finding of it, or the looking for it, or the asking for it is bad. Read more

Learning Bridge Through Swahili

I had been thinking for some time that I really would like to learn how to play Bridge. Most of my family play, and many of my friends do too. I just never got around to learning. I was in the local public library recently and they were selling off surplus stock books, and there at the top of the pile was “The Complete Guide to Bridge.” I was sure it was a sign that this was the right time for me, so without playing cardsopening the book, I paid over my €3 and took it home.

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