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Marketing Dilemmas

To practice our therapy skills, there must be someone who has a problem, or a question, or a wondering that we can help. We need clients to practice with.
There are basically two ways in which to find clients:

  1. Someone hires us to see clients that they have available, or
  2. We find them ourselves.

I am aware from talking with practitioners, that marketing is something they find really difficult. And I find it curious that we want to do the work, but don’t want to do the work of finding the work. (There is a simple solution to this by the way – choose option 1, and let someone else find the clients for you!)
Shying away from marketing we demonise one side of a pair, the work is good, but the finding of it, or the looking for it, or the asking for it is bad. Read more

The Old Stories Are Still The Best…

Remember those bedtime stories you loved as a child? Remember how they made you feel warm and comfortable inside, as you knew every word and every twist and turn of the story? Remember how, even though you knew it was coming, even though you knew it was only a story, you still felt the start of fright at Grandmother’s teeth, “all the better to eat you with,” or the giant saying, “I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

Ah, the old ones are still the best!My beautiful picture

I was reminded of this during the week, when I was triggered, and I mean really triggered. I found myself back telling one of those old stories again. Maybe you’ve heard it? It was the one about how someone did something bad, and they did it to me, because everyone has always done those awful things to me…Get the picture?

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Ways to Connect with a Niche Market

binocularsThe other day, I wrote about having a niche market, in order to help clients to find you. (If you’re still struggling with finding a niche, have a look at the list here, and see what you’re attracted to. Pick five areas, and then rank them. You don’t have to commit for life to this subject, think of it for now!)

So you’ve decided on your niche, what now?

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