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Marketing on a Shoestring?

This home cooked video is an example of how you can create online marketing materials for your practice with little technical know-how and virtually no cost. (It will take a little of your time!!)

How Can A Video Be Used to Market Your Practice?

The video can be posted on social media or on your website. Like standing up in front of a group, it offers potential clients (or referrers) an opportunity to learn a little about you and your work. The video speaks for you when you are not present. Video captures attention more easily than text or print. A potential client can hear your voice, or see your face and this gives them some support to take the next step, such as calling you or contacting you to make an appointment. Don’t forget to include your contact details so they know how to find you.

How the video was created:

Catherine Turgeon is an EFT practitioner in New Hampshire, USA. Her favourite clients to work with are those who are or have been caring for an elderly or vulnerable relative. Catherine and I had a conversation (which we recorded on FreeConferenceCall.com) in which I asked Catherine some questions about her favourite issue. The recording was edited using Audacity, a free software. (Note: this software is quite straightforward to use, but if this seems beyond your technical skills, you can hire someone to do this for you, at a relatively small cost.)

The questions and Catherine’s answers were incorporated into a simple slide show presentation in Microsoft Power Point. The slides were illustrated with photos most of which are available free on the internet.

The audio was added to the slides in PowerPoint, and the whole slide show was converted to a video, using the export function.

Support From Others

This is a good example too of how collaboration with others could make a daunting task easier. By combining your individual strengths into a group project to produce a video for each of you, you can support each other. One can write the text, another source the photos, a third could grapple with the technology.

If you find marketing your practice a challenge, maybe I can help you? Please contact me here for a free 20 minute consultation.