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Setting Up A Therapy or Counselling Practice – Housekeeping Tasks

housewifeSo following on from my last post do you now have some idea of the type of practice you’d like to have? (missed it? Read it here)

So, what’s next? In order to set up a self-employed therapy or counselling practice, and before you take on your first client, there are a number of “housekeeping” things you need to do:

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Changing it Up

I’ve spoken before about getting focussed, whether it be on what you want, on a niche or target market, or on the way you see yourself in your practice. Today, I want to talk about changing things a little. Why on earth would you want to do that?

I come from a big family, and getting us all to agree on a time and place to do anything is, as my sister calls it, like mousetrying to herd mice at a cross roads. I often think it’s like this in therapy or counselling practice too. Just when your week is beginning to take a regular shape, a client goes to shift work, and asks for flexible appointment times. Or you’ve just got the hang of what the child protection guidelines are, when another set of rules appears. Or you’ve got to know and like your colleagues at work, when someone announces they’re leaving. Like herding mice, it can’t be done, things change all the time, whether we like it or not.

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Help! I Need A Room, Fast

Where to Practice From? Location, location, location!