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Money Shows Up Our Trust Issues!

Nothing brings up trust issues as quickly or as obviously as money! (Except perhaps sex?)
I have had several clients who pay me at the start of the session rather than risk forgetting to pay at the end. I’ve asked about it and the answer is always the same, they don’t trust themselves to remember. They fear the possible shame they might incur if they had to be reminded by me, and make the judgement that it is better avoided. And I feel for them.
Wallet and some money on a wooden tableI remember my own huge shame when, driving home after therapy one evening, I remembered I had forgotten to pay my therapist. I pulled over to the side of the road and called her. I was sick with guilt, embarrassment and shame, and was ready to drive back (almost 20 miles) to correct the problem there and then, if she hadn’t insisted on leaving it until the following session. Looking back now, I can remember the intensity of those feelings, though they seem curiously out of proportion to the mistake. The underlying fear for me was that the relationship could not hold such a huge issue, and that my mistake could have been the end of the relationship. My fear was on a catastrophic scale. My thoughts ran riot with questions about my motivation for not paying. What was I saying in that? Was some part of me angry with my therapist and refusing to pay? What was going on for me that I had forgotten? How could I have done that? How could I be so stupid? It went on and on.

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Dirty Nappies and Sticky Toffees

When I was growing up, a cousin, about four or five years younger than me, asked his mother (in the hearing of several of us older kids) to chew his toffee for him because it was too hard.


He never lived it down.

At the time, I dismissed him as immature and childish. In recent times, I have begun to relate more to where he was at! I have begun to recognise that there’s a part of all of us that doesn’t want to do the dirty work, put out the bins, or have the difficult conversations. Read more

And Now I Know…

I’ve been making mistakes recently. Silly mistakes, frustrating mistakes, mistakes I wouldn’t usually make.
Driving last week, I was thinking about the workshop I was giving on Saturday, Starting a Therapy Practice, and the challenges that starting a therapy practice presents. I was thinking about how there are really two closely interlinked sides to the process, the internal one and the external one. I’ve written about these before; about how we need to move between the internal reflective, thoughtful and feeling place, and the practical, action-oriented external one, in order to make our vision a reality.
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Pushing Against Closed Doors

I’ve written before about how we always have options in addressing an issue. Those options generally break down into the following groups:

  • We can try to change the situation or the other person
  • We can leave the situation or relationship
  • We can change our own behaviour so as to fit in with the situation or the other person, or
  • We can find another way of looking at it, or feeling about it.

I think of these options as exits on a roundabout. Most people have one or two favourites among the four options above, a default to which they habitually are drawn, an exit which they almost always take. Usually because they have found that it serves them to do so. However, it’s important to remember that there are always other choices available to us. Read more

EFT Video for Therapists: Hiding Things

EFT Video- Calming the Panic Around Change

The Sky is Falling In!!

When setting up a practice for the first time, or when taking some big step in your practice that asks you to move out of your familiar zone and into something different, it is natural that strong feelings can arise.

There’s the anxiety: What is going to happen?chicken

The self-doubt: Am I going to be or do enough?

The overwhelm: Is this going to be too much for me?

The uncertainty: Will I be okay?

When this happens to me, I’m reminded of the story of Chicken Little, who ran around telling his friends that the sky was falling in. And that’s very much how it can feel, that something catastrophic is going to happen and we’re going to die, or that we’ll be rejected, or judged, or that what we’re going to do will fail. Most of the time, of course, we’re not going to die, even though it feels like that, and most of what we imagine is going to happen (usually bad) will not come to pass at all. Read more

Getting To More Than Enough

I have spoken in previous articles about the 3 Phases of a Therapy Practice: Not Enough, Just About Enough and More Than Enough. I have also explored some of the aspects of moving from the first phase to the second. Today, I’d like to look at the work needed to move to the More Than Enough phase.

Most of my posts talk about the practicalities; things we need to DO. In fact, my website is full of ideas about what to DO. But when we’ve been stuck in the Just Enough, or Not Enough stages for some time, with no sign of a change, the actions that we might take are of far less importance than what’s going on in our minds. Because what’s happening in our minds determines whether we can see the options open to us, and whether we’re willing to put those options into action.

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If your therapy practice were a car, who’s driving?

If your therapy practice is a vehicle, are you an owner, a driver or a passenger?

Think about a car for a moment. You can enjoy the advantages of a car in different ways. You can own the car, drive someone else’s car, or be a passenger in someone else’s car. Read more

Does the Word Networking Fill you with Terror?

Go on, how do you really feel about networking?

For me, I can’t imagine anything worse than a room full of people I don’t know. I even find it canapes hard to be part of a room full of people I do know, let alone strike up a conversation with strangers. Does this sound familiar?

So, do I have to change into an extrovert overnight in order to market my practice?

Of course not. Neither does networking mean you have to strike up a sales conversation with those you meet. It is simply making contacts, and keeping in contact. You get to choose who you want to talk to, and what you want to say. Read more

Can Social Media Help to Promote a Therapy Practice?

Have you thought about social media as a means of promoting your practice but you don’t know where to start? It can be a bit overwhelming, there are so many choices available. And there can be so many questions about what is right for you and your practice.

With the ever increasing popularity and reach of social media, it makes sense to think about the internet as a means of promoting your practice. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, and what you choose will depend on a number of factors:Photo no (23)

  • The size and scale of practice you want to create
  • How comfortable you feel about putting yourself out there
  • How comfortable you are in engaging with technology
  • How much money you have available to invest
  • How much time you are willing to devote to it

Bear these factors in mind as we look further at the options below. Read more