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A Business Mind Set

In his classic series of E-Myth books, Michael Gerber speaks of the entrepreneur mind set, and in particular the distinction that he sees between those who succeed in business and those who don’t.

The E-Myth of the title, is the entrepreneur myth, that anyone who starts a business is an entrepreneur. He then goes on to debunk this myth. Everyone who is in business spends time working in the business. In the case of therapists, we spend time working with clients. However, that time is not spent attending to the needs of the therapist, or of the therapist’s business. And there lies the distinction that Gerber draws between those who succeed in business and those that don’t.

Those who succeed spend time, not just IN the business, ie attending to the needs and affairs of the clients, but also spending time working ON and thinking ABOUT the business, ie attending to the needs of the therapy business.

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More About Contracts with Clients

recently, I wrote about contracts with clients, and the value of committing them to writing. I was talking there client contract cloudabout the explicit contract, the practical issues of how the structure of the work will look.

While the terms of the explicit contract are discussed and agreed, there is another level at which the contract is implicit. It varies from client to client, and is largely unconscious.  This may or may not be brought into the foreground as the work develops, either way, I find it useful to explore for myself what I bring to the implicit contract.

This was brought home to me during the week, as I struggled to understand what is happening in a business relationship that I am currently experiencing some challenges in.

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