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Learning Bridge Through Swahili

I had been thinking for some time that I really would like to learn how to play Bridge. Most of my family play, and many of my friends do too. I just never got around to learning. I was in the local public library recently and they were selling off surplus stock books, and there at the top of the pile was “The Complete Guide to Bridge.” I was sure it was a sign that this was the right time for me, so without playing cardsopening the book, I paid over my €3 and took it home.

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Ways to Connect with a Niche Market

binocularsThe other day, I wrote about having a niche market, in order to help clients to find you. (If you’re still struggling with finding a niche, have a look at the list here, and see what you’re attracted to. Pick five areas, and then rank them. You don’t have to commit for life to this subject, think of it for now!)

So you’ve decided on your niche, what now?

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