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13 Ways to Market Your Therapy Practice Without a Website

You’d like more clients, but technology isn’t your thing and you don’t want to go down the route of getting your own website. No problem. There are many ways to put yourself out there. Maybe you can find a couple that will work for you from the ideas below:

  1. Business Cards

Whether it’s handing them to referrals sources, or giving them to clients, business cards are an easy and cheap way of putting your contact details out into the world. Make sure they work for you, and don’t leave them gathering dust in a drawer. The more of them you hand out, the better the chance that they’ll be used. For more information on getting and using business cards, read my articles: Lots of Things to do With Business Cards and All About Business Cards

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You Need a Plan!

Do you have a plan for marketing your therapy or counselling practice?

I’ve noticed talking to newly qualified therapists, that few have received training in relation to marketing or promoting their practice. As a result, many arrive at the end of the training process with no idea what to do next, or how to go about getting the clients they’d like to have.plan

It doesn’t happen by accident.

Therapists who grow a thriving practice don’t materialise the work out of fresh air. They consciously decide what they want, how they’re going to go about it, and they go out to do what they’ve planned. If that doesn’t work, they do something else.

So if you’re in a position where you haven’t yet got the practice you’d like, maybe it’s time you had a look at your plan. So take a piece of paper now while you’re reading this, and jot down a few ideas, and later, put some time aside to create a plan for your practice.

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A reader asked me how he could engage with people who regularly cancel their sessions.

stop handCancellations can be a pain in the neck. You need your income and also want to work in a satisfactory way with clients. Cancellations can interrupt both. I won’t go into all the issues that could be giving rise to the client cancelling. Sometimes the cancellation is a sign of an underlying issue that can be explored between you, but bear in mind that it may not always be an avoidance or a sign of lack of commitment. It is possible that it is genuinely not a good time for the client to do the work, because of other issues that are going on in their life. Perhaps, it might be as well to acknowledge this, and give the client the option of re-engaging when the time suits better. Read more

All About Business Cards

At a recent meeting of therapists I attended, one recently qualified therapist was describing the dilemmas that she had met in deciding onIMG_9570 a design for her business cards. It’s an issue that can tie people in knots, and keep them stuck for long periods of time, while they work through their feelings. I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts about business cards: Read more

Setting up a Private Practice

Are you thinking of starting your own practice as a counsellor or psychotherapist? This workshop will help you get off the ground.

Looking at the practical issues related to setting up a private professional practice such as

  • Clarifying the type of practice you would like to create
  • Exploring the services you might provide, and the clients you might like to attract
  • Looking at how to market your services
  • Understanding what is needed to start a business

this workshop is an opportunity to spend some time networking with other health professionals while you learn from experienced professionals who have done it before you.

A one day workshop  presented by Jude Fay MIAHIP MIACP and Dr Genevieve Becker.

Date: Autumn 2013

Venue: Dublin West

Time: 9.30 to 4.30

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