Setting Up A Therapy or Counselling Practice – Housekeeping Tasks

housewifeSo following on from my last post do you now have some idea of the type of practice you’d like to have? (missed it? Read it here)

So, what’s next? In order to set up a self-employed therapy or counselling practice, and before you take on your first client, there are a number of “housekeeping” things you need to do:

  1. Register your business name with the Companies Registration Office, if you intend to practice under anything other than your own “true” name. It costs €20 online at Get more information about this here.
  2. Notify the Revenue: whether or not you expect to have a tax liability. It is your responsibility to ensure that returns are made and any tax owing is paid, and not the Revenue’s responsibility to chase you.
  3. Obtain appropriate insurance: You should have Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Public Liability Insurance. If you practice from home, you should check with your insurer whether your home insurance needs to be amended. You might also consider whether you need some form of income protection insurance, and a pension.
  4. Comply with any requirements of your professional organisation: Update your profile with your professional body and ensure any required information is provided (such as copies of insurance certs).
  5. Find somewhere to work from: Issues to consider include: the suitability, the cost, safety, convenience, and privacy. Click here for more information about choosing a location, and here for ideas about finding a room.
  6. Photo no (39)Start keeping appropriate financial records: At a minimum, your records should include details of your income and your expenditure, and supporting receipts and invoices. Keep records and documents for a minimum of six years.
  7. Arrange for supervision: check with your professional body to ensure your supervision meets their criteria, for hours and accreditation. Read more about choosing a supervisor.
  8. Hire professional advisors if necessary: for example, an accountant to complete and submit your accounts to the revenue, or a solicitor to advise on legal aspects.

If you’re thinking about setting up your counselling or therapy practice, I’d like to help you. Leave your questions or queries in the box below, or contact me here for your free 20 minute consultation.

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