Promoting Your Practice? 4 Important Questions

Before deciding how to promote your practice, you need to do some preparation work. This is easiest done by asking four important questions of yourself. These four questions could be called the “4 Ps”:

  • Product
  • Price
  • People
  • Path

Q 1: PRODUCT: What product or service am I offering?

In my experience, therapists rarely ask themselves this question. It is important because although each of us has similar base qualifications, we are all different, and as a result, we are offering a different service. This question gives some clarity from which to answer the next question, and starts the work of getting to know the individuality of your practice.

  • What is my product or service? (Counselling, psychotherapy, etc)
  • Is my offering time based / package based? (What are the details?)
  • Fixed term (how long?) or open-ended?
  • One to one or one to more? (individuals, couples, groups?)

Q2: PRICE: What am I asking in return?

The second question jumps to what you want in return for giving your services. This is both a quantitative and qualitative question. It is important because it relates to the market we are seeking to attract. If our fee is from €0 to €30, we are looking at a different market than if we are going to charge €80 to €100. Think of the difference between Penneys and Brown Thomas, one is high volume / low price, the other is high end. Both are valid, which are you?

  • What is my fee?
  • What are my terms?
  • What is my bottom line?
  • Do I have a hidden agenda? (what do I expect from my client in addition to the fee they pay? Do I perhaps want them to like me, or admire me, or not leave me?)

Q3: PEOPLE: Who am I offering it to?

Again, a question often overlooked. Not all clients will be a good fit for me. I am better supported in my practice when a majority of my clients are a good fit for me. Working with issues I am interested in or have some experience of, working with dynamics that are within or at the edge of my competence, gives me more ground. If I am always stretching myself in every session, I will burn out more quickly.

  • Who is my client?
  • Do I have a specialism?
  • Am I aiming for a niche market?

Q3: PATH: How am I going to reach them?

Only when the other questions have been explored, should we move to the question of how to reach my clients. If I

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decide the channel before I decide who I am trying to reach, I risk wasting time, energy and money marketing to people who are not interested in my services, are not a fit for me, or who cannot pay.

  • Am I marketing directly to my clients?
  • Am I marketing to referrers?
  • Where will I find my clients?
  • What channels will bring them to me?
  • How can I use those channels?

Before investing your time, energy and money in marketing, ask the questions above, and if I can help you in any way, please contact me here for an appointment or to avail of a free 20 minute consultation.

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