Living (and working?) Intentionally

Some time ago, I attended the funeral of a former work colleague. Throughout the ceremony and afterward, talking to others, one message was repeated, by just about everyone, that her death was premature and unfair. She was forty, and left behind a husband, two children, sisters, work colleagues and friends, by whom she will be sorely missed.faded flower

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been to the funeral of someone younger than me, and it always leaves me with a nagging question, if I knew I were to die soon, would I be living my life any differently?

I have previously written about intentionality. At the time of writing that piece, I wasn’t aware of my former colleague’s death. And if I had been, I wouldn’t have written any differently, except perhaps to reinforce the message even more strongly.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late to pay attention to what really matters to you.

Following the funeral and throughout the rest of the weekend, that thought was with me, as I spent time with family and friends, made plans for the future, and worked on my business. So many things fall into a different order when I stop to look at them from the perspective of a premature death. All those petty things that can seem so important (like whether the kitchen cupboard is tidy, or there’s pet hair on the carpet) seem to become fuzzy and inconsequential. Other seemingly small irrelevant things come into sharp focus, like feeling the crisp cool air on my skin, tasting every delicious mouthful of my dinner, or saying I love you.

In the past, death has caused me to pull back from life, as if in avoiding the highs, I can also avoid the pain of loss and disappointment. As I get older though, I recognise the illusion of safety for what it is, an illusion. While you have the choice, live every minute intentionally. Choose deliberately to turn towards what you want your life to be, towards who you want to be in your life, and embrace the ride.

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